Foodie Wagon

The newest addition to the Foodie family is Winston… a big welcome to you! Winston is the new Foodie Wagon. He was purchased in March of this year. Tootling about in our regular cars just wasn’t practical for picking up all the delicious products and delivering the tasty Foodieboxes.

Winston is a big black shiny Ford Pick up XLT which arrived in spring. We try to be as green as we can at Foodie HQ so buying such a monster wagon we (not personally) planted 100 trees to offset the carbon emission!

Winston received a makeover at the beginning of May, so you just can’t miss us. We had him branded with our Foodie design, words can’t quite describe, you’ll have to check out the photo. He looks very cool. Pete’s just getting used to having people stare at him every where he goes. So if you see us running around town give us a toot and a wave… we are unmissable!

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